In real this 3D avatar is a future toy ( think 🥔 head ), but for now nfts, gamefi, metaverse - playtoearn, learntoearn. Powered by the beauty of NFTs and bifocal economy around it.


Welcome, into the pandaVERSE

PBCB – ( Pandamica Buyer Club & Brands ) is a panda theme, exclusive, a limited collection of 10,000 + 1 NFTs artworks by Arcade Labs.

Pandaster of PandaVERSE hatching

100 Prelude / JOMO ( joy of missing out ) drop.

Preview drop of Pandaster Avatars,  hybrid avatars of cute pandas + monsters. A limited-edition timeline batch of 100  IP Rights PFP/ avatar, up for grab ( 50 parallel reality world themes/timeline) from a total collection of only 5,000 NFTs, with utility benefits in Pandaverse games, will be dropped, shortly on OpenSea.


Mixing NFT art projects with the future of Hospitality + Entertainment  + Merchandising. 

Roadmap – In the near beyond 

IP rights PFPs & Celebrities + Sports Personality & Artists

digital bonds or security tokens + Utility with Benefits.

Web 3.0 had brought forward this shift from individualism to collectivism. And the positive actions and outcomes that can be achieved collectively are remarkable for cooperative finance models. Beyond the immediate scarcity offered, investors can access steady passive revenue by holding to our NFTs.

In a soon, soon time

5,000 IP Rights PFPs / Avatars Batch drops

50 parallel reality world themes/timeline batch (PFP) NFTs collection with 500 free sporadic airdrops, with utility benefits in PandaVerse games.

In a soon, soon time

700 curated collection of artwork JOMO drops 

Exclusive individual /collection of artwork from collaborating artists/ influencers or brands, curated by POS / Pandamica Guardian Token (PGT) holders.

In a soon, soon time

700 curated collection of artwork JOMO drops

Exclusive individual /collection of artwork from collaborating sports personalities, curated by  POS / Pandamica Guardian Token (PGT) holders.

Roadmap –  & beyond 

Mascots & Merchandise + Betterverse & GameFi

Social+Capital & Diverse+Global & Inclusive+Community

Human psychology is the most effective instrument ever devised by mankind. It has been and can be both an adverse disaster or a favourable miracle. One of the finest things that can happen is if we can use this NFT — the only programmable asset — properly by applying a positive social impact layer on top of the pride of ownership.

In a soon, soon time

500 collection of Mascots & Merchandise

Collaboration theme-based collection of goods to be bought and sold. 

In a soon, soon time

50 TRAVERSE World 

MetaVERSE for good. Stealth mode.

In a soon, soon time

50 theme PandaVerse Games

MetaVERSE for diversity. Stealth mode

In a soon, soon time

+ 1 Multiverse (MMORPG)

MetaVERSE for inclusivity. Stealth mode

In a soon, soon time




Limited PANDA tokens as POS validators. Distributed through a private sale. To be announced later.

Join us for update of private sale.

DAO, system in place to share GOVERNANCE RIGHTS with PANDAMICA GUARDIAN TOKEN (PGT) holders.

 These rights may come from  ERC-721 or ERC-1155 / ERC-20 /  EIP-2981 smart contracts to;


airdrops for community

Join the PBCB ( Pandamica Buyer Club & Brands ) community on Discord / Telegram and Facebook to get updates on the  500 free  PFP / Avatar with IP Rights drops, with utility benefits in PandaVerse games will be sporadically released. 

WE ?

Arcade Labs Venture

Arcade Labs Venture is a creative division of KRYPTA Analytics.

Pandamica Buyer Club & Brands ( PBCB ) is an initiative in collaboration with, which explores the investment opportunities in creative art through Blockchain ( DLT ) NFTs. 

Krypta Analytics is collaborative research, technology, and outsourcing company with a core competency in Blockchain – token economics and DAOs + GameFi.

We are looking to collaborate with like-minded people & open to investment partnerships.

Build a diverse & inclusive, betterVERSE.

Let's build great things together!