In real this 3D avatar is a future toy ( think ūü•Ē head ), but for now nfts, gamefi, metaverse - #playtoearn, #learntoearn. Powered by the beauty of NFTs and bifocal economy around it.


Welcome, into the pandaVERSE

PBCB – ( Pandamica Buyer Club & Brands ) is a panda theme, exclusive, a limited collection of 10,000 + 1 NFTs artworks by Arcade Labs.

The first collection of exclusive 1000 profile picture (PFP) NFTs, will be released shortly,  sporadically on OpenSea.

Pandaster of PandaVERSE hatching

JOMO DROP ( JOY OF MISSING OUT ) @  sporadical drops only.

Pandaster Avatars are a hybrid avatar of cute panda + monster. A limited edition of 100 only theme IP Rights PFP up for grab ( 50 parallel reality world themes ) from a total collection of only 5,000 NFTs, with utility benefits in PandaVerse games.

5,000 IP Rights PFP / Avatars

Limited profile picture project (PFP) NFTs collection with 500 free sporadic airdrops, with utility benefits in PandaVerse games.

1,400 curated collection of Artwork 

Exclusive individual /collection of artwork from collaborating artists/ influencers or brands.

500 collection of Mascots & Merchandise

Exclusive, collabration theme based collection of goods to be bought and sold. 

50 TRAVERSE World 

MetaVERSE for good. Stealth mode.

50 theme PandaVerse Games

MetaVERSE for diversity. Stealth mode

+ 1 Multiverse (MMORPG)

MetaVERSE for inclusivity. Stealth mode



Limited PANDA tokens as POS validators.

Distributed through a private sale. To be announced later.

DAO, system in place to share GOVERNANCE RIGHTS with PANDAMICA GUARDIAN TOKEN (PGT) holders.

 These rights may come from  ERC-721 or ERC-1155 / ERC-20 /  EIP-2981 smart contracts to;

Join us for update of private sale.


airdrops for community

Join the PBC Р( Pandamica Buyer Club ) on Discord and  Telegram to get 500 free IP Rights PFP / Avatars,with utility benefits in PandaVerse games,  will be sporadically released.

WE ?

Arcade Labs Venture

Arcade Labs Venture is a creative division of KRYPTA Analytics.

Pandamica Buyer Club ( PBC ) is an initiative in collaboration with, which explores the investment opportunities in creative art through Blockchain ( DLT ) NFTs. 

Krypta Analytics is collaborative research, technology, and outsourcing company with a core competency in Blockchain – token economics and DAO + GameFi.

We are looking to collaborate with like-minded people & open to investment partnerships.

Let's build great things together!

Build a diverse & inclusive, betterVERSE.